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Leadership and Strategy at the Core of Your Organization

Connally Consulting

Leadership and Strategy at the Core of Your Organization

A Culture of Performance

Our mission at Connally Consulting is helping leaders and organizations improve their performance and success – professionally, personally, spiritually, and physically. We believe long-term success and fulfillment results from the alignment of values, goals, and production of leaders, individuals, and organizations. Utilizing our experience in leadership, strategy, and organizational dynamics we will help our clients build a culture of performance surpassing their expectations and those of their competitors. Whether you are starting out, expanding, reorganizing, or just seeking to improve your performance, Connally will help you develop the path to success.




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Areas of Expertise


Managers organize and track resources and processes, but leaders inspire people to excel. When managers understand their values, they set goals and motivate employees to do the same. Aligning those goals and values with the organization's, minimizes supervision and focuses action on desired outcomes. Helping managers become leaders improves production, fosters innovation, and improves retention. Since leadership is an apprenticed vocation, the company grows its future leaders and builds sustained excellence.


Strategy aligns merely ends, ways, and means or goals, plans, and processes. Connally’s extensive experience in this area allows us to assess, evaluate, and synthesize information relating to a problem to identify possible solutions. We then help our clients gain clarity on their goals, organizing their thinking, prioritizing tasks, and developing their supporting plans and processes. Assembling this information our clients are then capable of defining their strategy.


The intersection of the relationship between the mission, organization, and its leaders are unique and dynamic for every organization. The harmony of these factors produces a culture of performance characterized by high levels of effectiveness, streamlined processes, and procedures allowing continuous improvement.


We design our services with the understanding that every organization faces different challenges. As such, we develop our events and programs to meet your needs and objectives. Learn More


Connally only employs proven performers who possess broad experience in leadership, strategy, and organizational dynamics. Most of our experience is in the military, but it spans small units to organizations of thousands; in operations, human resources, and training; from low tech to high tech, including start-ups and reorganizations. We have developed and refined procedures, processes, plans, and strategy. Our expertise includes competitive analysis and internal and external strategic communications. In these endeavors, we have worked with a broad mix of contract service support personnel, government civilians, and active duty military.


Leadership is a full contact sport, it takes all you have 24/7
— Tom Connally


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