Become a better Leader

Our Services

We design our services with the understanding that every organization faces different challenges. As such, we develop our events and programs to meet your needs and objectives.


Everyone needs a coach. Our preferred method of leadership development is through one-on-one coaching because, in the relationship, we can address the key issues most effectively. Leadership has unique requirements at different levels of the organization, and every promotion or change to the organization brings new demands to the leader. Tom’s varied experiences leading and coaching leaders in organizations from 5 to 5,000 allows him to bring knowledge, experience, and perspective through a personally designed program, to the development of every leader.

Team Training

Building a culture of performance requires bringing leadership, strategy, and organizational dynamics into harmony. Whether this effort includes training executive-level decision-makers, mid-level managers, front line supervisors, or specific divisions/units, we design our training to meet your needs and improve every team member’s performance.

Getting to the Goal

An 8-hour seminar for every member of the organization. Our objective is showing every team member how to bring their performance in line with their values and harmonize their personal and professional lives

Becoming A Leader

A seminar for aspiring leaders and managers who want to become leaders. This seminar is a natural follow on to “Getting to the Goal” and leverages those principles. Our focus is on what the leader must do to be the leader, the organization, and his people need.

Building A Culture of Performance

A one-day seminar for executives and leadership teams that identifies the critical actions in producing a culture of performance characterized by high levels of effectiveness, streamlined processes, and procedures allowing continuous improvement.


Keynotes, Conferences, Dinners

Through his 30 plus years of service, Tom has spoken to schools, conferences, military units, and business groups on a wide variety of topics. His leadership experiences in combat and service around the world make for entertaining and motivating presentations tailored for your organization or event.

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