Many people have written about bosses; I even read a book about dealing with a boss called “The No Asshole Rule.”  Today I was talking to a young Captain who is having issues with her staff section head, an experienced officer with many years of service. Our conversation made me think about my many bosses and […]

Why This Blog

Becoming A Leader

When I started writing Becoming A Leader: A Road Map for My Daughter and the Aspiring Leader, I quickly realized that I could write a very long tomb that covered everything, cover a lot of ground others had covered, and likely it would never be read.  At least it wouldn’t be useful.  I don’t write […]

Figuring out the Future You

My kids, Michaela and Jack, have probably heard parts of this in distinct parts, but the great thing about a morning run besides loosening up my joints, is moments of clarity and epiphany.  Such was this morning after an interesting talk with my son last night.  At different points in our lives, we are confronted […]